The Importance of America in the Sportswear Industry: Part 6 (Conclusion)

If you take two things away from my blog on America’s influence on the Sportswear industry I hope they are these. Americans buy 40% of all the Sportswear in the world, and there are more people in the USA working for sportswear manufacturers (not including the factory staff that are not technically employed by the manufacturers) than any other country in the world. Those are truly confounding numbers when you think about how big of an impact that has on the global market. Brands have realized America is the metaphorical golden ticket in the industry, so expect the competition to continue for every dollar of discretionary income that Americans are putting into their clothing. The “athleisure” market is booming, copycats and counterfeiters are getting exposed, and the top brands are moving key people into key places to ensure they can execute to American consumers preferences. It will be a long time before any other country is able to claim that it is the home of the sportswear industry

That said, China has gone from the world’s shoe maker to the second biggest shoe buyer seemingly overnight. Like the people at adidas have said for years “impossible is nothing”.


(Image courtesy of High Snobiety)


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