The Importance of America in the Sportswear Industry: Part 4 (Brand Value and the Shifting Workforce)

  • The industry’s heavyweights have grown their workforces Stateside, and there are more employees in the USA than Europe.
  • The major sports brands (according to Forbes) are located in the USA
    • 24 Of the 40 most valuable sports brands are American. This group includes: events, teams, athletes, broadcasters, and sportswear companies
    • The Forbes report doles out 58 billion dollars in brand value throughout the list. The American brands represent about 78% of that value with 46 billion dollars in brand value
      • It’s worth noting that Nike’s brand value is the highest at an estimated 19 billion dollars or about 38 times the value of the Superbowl
    • The USA makes up about 40% of the world’s sportswear market according to renowned market research professional Matt Powell.

Below is a look at the data I used from the Forbes article here.

brand value

Pivot Table

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(Image courtesy of High Snobiety)


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