Five Reasons Why adidas Needs to Sign Pharrell in the Next Five Minutes.

In 2008, I walked into a now defunct CD shop in Vancouver and bought Pharrell’s “In My Mind” album. By 2008, The legendary “Skateboard P” had made a career in music production, rapping, and as a fashion icon. I of course, was fresh out of high school and bought his album because it had a “nifty cover”. As you can see below, I wasn’t wrong. I was pretty happy to realize that the music was just as nifty as the cover.Pharrell-in-my-mind It wasn’t until 2013 that got the chance to see the now 40 year old live at BloHK Party. I found out thanks to my friends at Red Bull in Hong Kong that some plans were in the works with Red Bull and Pharrell. Little did I know that those plans would turn out to be Pharrell on the cover of the Red Bulletin and his song “Come Get It Bae” as the music in the new World of Red Bull commercial. Needless to say this pushed his popularity from the guy that was in the background producing hit songs to the foreground of pop culture. Below is a very brief, and very crude timeline of his success from 2005 until now. pharrell The graph above is directly from Google Trends. The blue line represents anyone searching “Pharrell Williams”, and the red line represents “Pharrell”. Obviously, his success and popularity online spiked right at “Get Lucky” and then rose with “Happy”, and his continual time in the public eye. He’s at the prime of his career, and in the words of Mugatu “he’s so hot right now”.

So how does adidas fit into all this? Well, if you follow the right people on Instagram and Twitter you should be following a man by the handle of @wex1200 (or Jon Wexler). Jon is adidas’ Global Director of Entertainment & Influential Marketing, and so he is the man who brought artists like Kanye West and Rita Ora to the three stripes. His Twitter and Instagram are some of the greatest places to get nuggets of information on upcoming releases as well as pictures of the latest and greatest celebrities rocking the trefoil. Funnily enough, Pharrell has been seen rocking adidas a lot lately including at the Oscars, and posting this very exclusive pairs of Stan Smiths.

There is a plan in the works and the entire sneaker world is waiting for it. With all this in mind, here are five reasons adidas should sign Pharrell in the next five minutes:

1) He’s currently the golden boy in pop culture. There isn’t a single person out there that can’t find something they like about Pharrell. He has also not lost touch with his roots whatsoever. The guys at Pigeons and Planes did a great piece on this you should read. Check it out here.

2) When it comes to the world of fashion, no one can touch him. Some artists collaborate on pieces that sell out. Pharrell started two highly exclusive clothing lines in Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream in 2005, and the spaceman is still an icon in street wear. Couple that with the ability to rock that famous Vivienne Westwood hat and you have someone who can turn the shoe game on its head.

3) His buddy Nigo is waiting for him to jump over. Nigo founded Bape, and with a deep friendship and history the magic these two could put together is unreal. Nigo x Pharrell x Stan Smith would be an unreal combination and a guaranteed sell-out worldwide.

4) He’s so popular it’s sickening. The amount I have heard “Happy” on my local radio stations is one of the reasons I plan on getting satellite radio next week. As of right now his popularity is high and whether it’s peaking or not doesn’t really matter because he’s in it for the long haul. His style is representative of the three stripes, and just like adidas Consortium I see him breathing new life into some older models.

5) Why sign an artist when you can sign someone who literally does everything. Currently, Pharrell produces music, makes music, designs clothing, collaborates on clothing, curates events, and does it all with a smile on his face. This multi-talented trendsetter is clearly #allin and so if the pen hasn’t hit the contract yet adidas, then take this as a friendly reminder.

“Can [we] have it like that”?


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